The Rio Arriba Adult Literacy Program offers free, one-to-one tutoring for adults reading at or below 6th grade level. We work with both Basic Literacy students and new English learners. Our certified tutors provide on-going work with students until they have reached the level of reading they wish to attain in a fun, inviting atmosphere for learning. Programs include:

Basic Literacy program

In our Basic Literacy program, tutors teach adult students the fundamentals of reading and writing.

English-as-a-Second-Language program

In our English-as-a-Second-Language program, tutors work with adult students who are learning the fundamentals of understanding and speaking English; the emphasis is on conversational English, with some time spent on reading and writing.

Upcoming Tutor Training

The next all-day English-as-a-Second-Language tutor training session will be held in the fall of 2019. Please check back for further information!  

Workplace Literacy Project

Please check back. More information will be available soon.

Adult Literacy Lending Library

RAALP maintains a resource lending library for tutor/student use. Our library includes reading materials that are classified as “High/Low” (of high interest to adults, but at a low reading level, suitable for new readers). We also have pre-high school equivalency preparation materials; various workbooks and textbooks for teaching phonics, spelling, basic math, reading, and writing; special-topic books for new readers focused on adult life skills such as learning to drive, consumer skills, and filling out applications; word games (Junior Scrabble; Bananagrams); and children’s easy reader and mid-grade level books.

Tutor Training

Find out everything you would like to know about how to become a tutor.

Continuing Education for Tutors

RAALP conducts periodic in-service workshops for tutors on such topics as: Maintaining Healthy Boundaries with Your Student; Teaching Word Syllables to New Readers; Cultural Competencies; Learning Differences; Math Review for Tutors.

Office Hours:

Monday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Saturdays: 9:00-12:00