Our Vision

Our Vision



RAALP envisions a community where all adults have the literacy skills that enable them to achieve their personal and professional goals.


To help community members transform their lives through enhanced literacy.


RAALP provides free, one-to-one, student-centered tutoring to adults who are reading at or below the 6th grade level, and to new English speakers.  All RAALP tutors are trained volunteers.

Just imagine if you couldn’t…
  • Complete a job application
  • Read medicine labels
  • Use a map
  • Understand road signs
  • Order from a printed menu
  • Register to vote
  • Read stories to your children
For adults who struggle with reading or writing, these everyday tasks are difficult, or perhaps impossible.  

About 25% of Rio Arriba County residents lack basic literacy skills, and about  34% speak only limited English. 

Adult literacy students often make big changes in their lives as their reading, writing, or English-comprehension skills improve.  They may advance in employment, go back to school, register to vote, or become more involved in their children’s education.